App Designing

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1 on 1 class
10-15 Years
75 classes
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This platform is a visual programming language that will kick start your kid’s interest in mobile app development. With the right tools in hand and the right training your kid is now ready to create an app that he is proud to show off to you. App Designing empowers all people, especially young kids to move from technology consumption to technology creation.

Course Overview:

It Comprises of Front End (Designing) & Back End (Programming / Coding)
Designing Part consist of: User Interface|| Learning Layouts || Learning Media Operations|| Learning Drawing & Animation || Learning Maps & Navigation|| Learning Various Sensors|| Learning Social Components||Learning Storage or Database|| & Connectivity using WEB
Programming Part consist of: Control Operations || Logical Operations || Mathematical Evaluation || Text Strings || Creating List || Creating Dictionary || Defining variables || & Defining Procedure

Course Highlights: ( LEVEL-1) - (15 Classes)

  • Introduction To App Designing
  • Texting Basics
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Building Apps using Basic Sensors
  • Building Drawing & Animation Apps
  • Build Apps using Media Operations
  • Building Gaming Apps

Course Highlights: ( LEVEL-2) - (15 Classes)

  • Build Apps with Texting & Location Sensing
  • Designing Complex Games
  • Designing Web Page
  • Map The Tour
  • Google Connectivity
  • Building Online Quizz & Library
  • Build Apps using more Sensors
  • Apps based on Memory Games
  • Storing data using Tiny DB
  • Apps based on Storage

Course Highlights: ( LEVEL-3) - (15 Classes)

  • Building Quizz & Informational Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Math Blaster
  • Storing Data using Cloud DB & Tiny Web DB
  • Note Taker
  • Creating new blocks : Defining Procedure
  • Logo Designing
  • Stock Market
  • Geographical Quizz with Map Component

Course Highlights: ( LEVEL-4) - (15 Classes)

  • Building App with user generated Data
  • Entirely real time Applications
  • Building App that communicate with WEB
  • How to Publish your App
  • WEB Navigation
  • Online Grocery Store
We also prepare kids for Competition of App Designing

Course Highlights: ( LEVEL-5) - (15 Classes)

  • Building App with Specialised Category
  • Course is customized according to the Child's Interest Area
Category 1- Gaming App
Category 2- Texting Apps
Category 3- Drawing App
Category 4- Informational Apps
Category 5- Business Apps

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