Coding for Young Minds

Posted By: Shree Lilai Digital Date: 30/08/21

The young minds these days, grow and learn much faster than their previous generations. No offence, but with coding and digitalization, the world is moving much faster than it did before. In this era, it becomes a necessity for the students to do something different, and put that little extra effort to stand out in the crowd of millions. Technology is paving new ways to compete and evolve. And in such a situation, it becomes essential to not let our students get deprived of what is considered as the must-have skill of the century- coding.

But what benefit will coding do to the kids?

Well, coding is a requirement of every industry from engineering to banking and all the way to hospitality, coding is required everywhere!

Not only can coding be a job getter, but also increase your child’s chances of landing a better career. Even the brightest minds of our country lack when it comes to being technologically advanced. In a rapid world driven by tech, it is essential to include technology as a part of an average Indian student’s curriculum, which is where our system lags.

Programming is much more than what people believe. Most simply, programming is nothing more than a set of instructions that the computer, or any device that is a part of the worldwide web, works by. These instructions come written in many languages, c, c++, java, and more. With every sector being digitized, the demand for professionals skilled in these languages is also increasing and will only keep increasing with time. 70% of the jobs that exist today in various industries will be non-existent after a time period of roughly, ten years. To be competent, we need to embrace the change or even better, lead it. Not only is technology in demand, but it also ensures the perfect growth of a child.

With programming comes logical reasoning and the ability to think critically and with clarity. But unfortunately, we as a society are not very well aware of the change that education in technology can bring about, and the effects of the same can already be seen. Students are rendered without a proper job even after graduation. A very high percentage of cases of depression that are received are from young students who are frustrated with the lack of compatibility of our education system with the current world. In such a situation, enhancing our old-age education system and providing social support is vital, and science kids dodo this for you!









Who are we?

Cyborg Robotics Academy Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune-based organization that is offering numerous technical classroom and online courses such as Lego Robotics, Electronics, Arduino, IoT, Python Language, HTML, App-Designing, Animation and Coding, SCADA (for kids) etc. all under one roof. Established recently, Cyborg is committed to providing quality education to students in various disciplines of technology like robotics, physical computing, programming, artificial intelligence, to name a few.

Our mission is to empower young minds with the latest technological resources and provide children with the best learning experience through our creative and practical focused learning. We believe we exist to make learning an enjoyable and engaging experience to foster creativity, and nurturing and encouraging the creator mentality in our students. Our main motto is to make our students well equipped with the modern tools of success. With a student-centred curriculum, Cyborg’s unique teaching methodology makes technology easy for kids. The kids are taught from the basics to the most complex technical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner with numerous practical sessions and experiences. With Cyborg, the students will have the opportunity to learn artificial intelligence, programming, and much more to think out of the box to solve real-world problems. With various projects, and practical sessions, the kids develop the skills, and confidence they need to make a difference in this world.

Today’s digital age requires something more than the average, conventional education practices that we have been following for an extremely long time. To keep up with the fast-paced world, the students have to do something extra, they need to put in some extra effort. Cyborg puts that effort in for them. We are one of those organizations which believe in the students from a very early age and revolutionize the traditional way of teaching students. The institute believes in providing a platform for school-going students to invent and innovate which is apart from the classroom teaching where students do not get the opportunity to implement their logical thinking and come up with something new and encourage them to be problem solvers. Our innovative practices make learning fun and easy.

We introduce kids to various courses to cover different concepts, and topics so that they have a wide range of choices to pick from. We do not force them into learning something that might not suit their aptitude, we want our kids to make what they learn their own, and pursue what they enjoy and interest the most. We offer both, long-term and short-term courses customized according to the need, and goals of the students. So that each student learns at his or her own pace. Each course includes regular practical sessions, problem sets, and assignments based on real-world problems so that the students can get a clear idea of what lies in the real world. This ensures that the kids get an experience very close to the actual industry. The students are made to think of a solution, ideate, and then implement it with the help of their highly talented mentors. But this is not just some cram school where students come to mug up the techno-terms. Not at all.

Cyborg is an environment that enhances the learning experience of a student. Kids with similar interests in technology and diverse backgrounds come together in this institute to create solutions to real-world problems and work in a community. Their energy is utilized in creating something worthwhile and useful. Thus, leading towards a better society. The kids keep up with the fast pace of the growing world build thus, being a step ahead, and also contribute their part in making the world a better place. They are motivated to do more than the ordinary and gain a sense of confidence by building something of their own, on their own.

But what’s the hurry?

Good question! Well, for a fun fact, did you know that children learn faster than adults? Yes, that is true! And for a very good reason. A child’s brain is like a blank canvas, so it’s easier to paint as compared to a canvas that has already been used multiple times. Children grasp concepts faster than adults and will learn even the most difficult concepts of coding with great ease because whenever we learn something new, our brain forms new connections when we are young we only need these connections to get formed and exist but as we age, it becomes difficult for our brain to form new connections and maintain old ones. We can say it becomes stiff with time, stern and unwilling to accept new knowledge.

Of course, new things can be learned by the 18 years you but it is not as easy as it was for the 10 years you. This phenomenon is called brain plasticity and Cyborg knows how to make good use of it. Also, coding is vital for a child’s psychological development. It instigates crucial skills like logical reasoning, critical thinking, and effective communication in kids and helps improve a student’s performance in regular academics as well!

So, now you know us. We make kids ready to face the future!

Do you want your child to create the next big platform in technology?

Then this is the right place to start! We at Cyborg, educate our students to help them change the world by creating a real-world simulation for them to innovate in. We are here to help your child keep up with the digitally advancing world and do well in every aspect of life. Filled with dreams and aspirations these young minds yearn to go the distance and explore the limits of evolution. Who are we to stop them?

When should you join, you say?

Well, the right time is NOW!

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