Certified Trainer
1 on 1 class
9-15 Years
48 classes
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Study of flow and control of electrons,their behaviour and effects.

Let your child learn the basic of electronics which includes introduction of various electronic components and symbols. What is voltage,Current,Resisitance,Open and Short circuit,series and parallel circuit.Puzzle solving using Logic Gates, etc. Experiments and concepts conducted on specifically designed imported kits which will help students to make amazing electronics projects.

Course Curriculum: ( LEVEL-1) - (16 Classes)

  • Introduction to Electronic Componants and Symbols
  • Resistors and its Types
  • Circuit Network
  • Piezoelectric Effect
  • Battery Working Principle and Types
  • Ammeter
  • Current Types
  • Seven Segment Display
  • Combinational Circuits
  • Polarity Tester
  • LED Fundamentals
  • Wired Control Robot

Course Curriculum: ( LEVEL-2) - (16 Classes)

  • Logic Gates
  • Various Sensors
  • Capacitor & Microphone
  • Object Folowing Robot
  • Various IC
  • Challenges
  • Transistor
  • Electromaganet Iron Core Rod
  • Voltage Regulator

Course Curriculum: ( LEVEL-3) - (16 Classes)

  • Vibration Switch
  • Recording IC
  • Complex Cuircutis on Transistor with IC
  • Transformer
  • Solar Cells
  • AM and FM Radio
  • Diode
  • Various Advance Sensors
  • SCR
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Power Amplifier
  • Challenges

+ Are the classes conducted daily?
No, Only Once a week.
+ How many models they cover in 12 sessions?
+ What is the Kit to Student Ratio?
+ Are the kits/models provided for take away?
+ Is certificate provided to students on completion of course?
+ Is cover up class provided to student incase he/she misses a class?