Shikha Virmani
(Founder & Head Instructor)

Shikha Virmani is the founder and head Instructor of Cyborg Robotics Academy Pvt Ltd. She has completed her Engineering in Electronics and Communication and has 7 years of experience in training and coaching various teams at the Regional, National and International level Competitions such as WRO (World Robot Olympiads) and FLL (First Lego League). She as a Senior Technical Trainer and Head Coach has been a part of the company who are the National Organizers of Robotics Competitions. She has along with her team represented India at the WRO (Football) international competition 2015 held in Qatar and FLL 2016 held in Denmark and many such other competitions held at Regional and National Level. With her ingenious skills in programming and passion to work with children, she has created a wide spread mass awareness about the importance of Robotics Education for young children. She and the staffs trained by her, are playing a pivotal role in imparting quality hands-on Robotics skills to more than 1000+ students. Her innovative outreach programs and method of teaching has won the hearts of all her students, for a very long time now!!!