WE-DO + Pneumatics

Certified Trainer
12 seats
6-9 Years
3 Months/12 classes
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It is a hardware and software platform,which consist of construction of model ,understanding its function and introduction to programming.Also consist of the models functioning on the principal of pneumatics.
Students follow the building process step by step using the LEGO instructions.In this they learn about the mechanical designing using various mechanical parts which is used in real life industries like pulley, cam, axle etc. The fun and learning is enhanced when the programming of the models is introduced. Students quickly learn the simple click-and-drag icons to activate a motor, which might also be dependent on a sensor, in a logical and sequential schema. LEGO’s WeDo programming platform also allows for mathematical operations and display effects, counter and many more as the level gets more advance. In pneumatics child learn how to make machines work mechanically with renewable source of energy using pump,piston,cylinder,airtank,monometer ,valve etc.

+ Are the classes conducted daily?
No, Only Once a week.
+ How many models they cover in 12 sessions?
+ What is the Kit to Student Ratio?
+ Are the kits/models provided for take away?
+ Is certificate provided to students on completion of course?
+ Is cover up class provided to student incase he/she misses a class?